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2007-02-28 18:19:00

6 Rave Reviews for VisualTour -- Kudos for Quality, Support, Performance

One of the most common questions we receive at RealTown Community platforms involves virtual tour technology. The VisualTour Marketing System has received numerous rave reviews. We are happy to share some of those stories here at RealTown.

Doug and Kathie Whitehouse
Hannett, Wilson & Whitehouse LLC
Bloomfield Hills, MI 

"I just wanted to share a success story with you about a recent listing appointment. The seller (very technologically savvy -- works for major computer manufacturer) called me and asked to cancel it as he had talked to another agent who had showed him the iPIX™ tour and he felt this was great technology and he was going to list with that agent. I suggested that he do himself a favor, wait one more day and keep his appointment with me.

"I shared with him just a couple of reasons why he may want to wait and asked him go onto the other agent’s website and look at his iPIX™, and then go to our web site and look at the VisualTours® list on our site, and go through several of the VisualTours®. We agreed to discuss the results of his visit to both websites today when we met.

"Well, I returned to the office with a half million dollar, one-year listing! Both Mr. and Mrs. Seller were really pleased that they had waited. They commented that there was no comparison! The iPIX™ tour showed just four pictures of the home. They said the exterior picture looked O.K., but the interior shots looked distorted and didn't look attractive as it moved past doorways etc. They remarked that the VisualTour® showed off ALL the rooms in the home (not just four) as well as the pool, and the panorama of the neighborhood looked great!

"They were really impressed with how a partial panorama of several of the rooms scanned back and forth, showing off the whole room while not focusing on the hallway or room entrance. The crowning touch was when I showed them how besides having six photos of their home on and eight photos of their home on our AgentAdvantage website, we also had the full, multimedia VisualTour® on EVERY ONE OF OUR SITES including our main site

"Needless to say I will tell this story many times to future prospective clients. I'll just bet that I will see several commissions from this story!"

Maximum Listings Exposure

Janice FreemanJanice Freeman
Prudential Alliance REALTORS
Chesterfield, MO 

"I can't believe I waited a year to post these tours. I am having so much fun with them and® has made it very user friendly for agents! It is a breeze to use and I love being able to post it on my web site,, my company web site, etc. What a wonderful tool! Thanks for 'forcing' me to complete my training and get going on this."

Big Advantage for Small Companies/Niche Markets

Harry and Delores Nicholie
Lakefront Realty
Bellaire, MI 

"I have made seven sales directly from the use of VisualTour. I serve a Boutique Market -- Lakefront Resort Properties, but many of my ideas can be applied to any market. As a long time REALTOR, I have evolved my business into an Internet-based real estate company, and as a member of the Allen Hainge CyberStars, I have found some unusual ways to tie in VisualTours with my entire marketing operation.

"I have a link on my web site where I can send a Buyer Agency Client to view a specially done VisualTour for a home listed by another agent. I find most agents here don't use virtual tours (they should), and even if they do, the quality is poor as they rely on third-party vendors. I sold a home last month for $872,000 to a client that came to visit a friend on the lake. The client had never been here before, and came from Kansas City. He had to return home, but was very interested in purchasing now. I sent him information on six homes in his price range ($750,000 - $1,200,000), and we narrowed it down to three available properties. I then made extensive VisualTours of each property, giving him the unique tour numbers so only he and his wife could access the tours from the password protected area of my web site for my Buyer Clients.

"This house already had an ordinary virtual tour from a third party vendor on the listing, and I sent that tour to the client by e-mail and then had them access the "Buyer" VisualTour from my web site. The wife called and thanked me for doing the special VisualTour, it made the sale! They purchased the home, subject to their coming on-site to do a inspection (before they had ever seen the home personally, just using the VisualTour), they came and the house was even better than photos show!

"I have done this six times in the last three years, and expect to do more of this as time goes on. I think agents that work the resort market or "Transferees" could use VisualTour for this type of marketing very effectively. I only use this when I have a Buyer Agency Contract and this added level of service helps me get contracts for Buyer Agency. I believe VisualTour is by far the best virtual tour product on the market, because you can customize it and do a much better job than with any third party vendors."

Substantiating Value in a Competitive Market

Terri Rickman
Keller Williams Wellington
Greenacres, FL  

"I just wanted to let you know how simply thrilled and frankly amazed I am with the marketing tools I am able to create with I was up and running in one day, and three days was convinced the program helped me secure a $204,900 listing today. I demonstrated the example I had prepared on my own property and the sellers were floored."

Judy Peterson
Prudential Fox & Roach REALTORS
Devon, PA 

"I just love my VisualTours! They make us all happy -- buyers, sellers and REALTORS! Thanks for making me look good and for offering such a great product and service!

"Thought you might appreciate a recent chat I had with one of my sellers. In the course of a conversation about our showings and feedback, my seller said to me, 'Oh, I just have to tell you that as the buyer was leaving he said to me, I don't know who did your virtual tour, but it's the best I have ever seen!' Of course, my seller, with great pride said, 'My REALTOR did it for us.' Ya just gotta love it!!"

Dan Majkut
RE/MAX Landmark
Taunton, MA

"I've just done my first tour, but even before I had time to take the Visual Tour program out of my briefcase and install it in my computer, I already had a call from Visual Tour staff offering assistance. I received a quick response to an e-mail question, then a quick answer to my phone call for another question, along with an offer to assist with anything else in the future!

"The program is very intuitive, and the tutorials are excellent. But the support staff is more responsive and more available than any I've ever encountered before. (Why is it that the programs that need the most support have the least support and vice-versa?)"

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