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2007-12-04 18:33:00

5 Ways to Limit Your Liability with YouMail

Have you ever tried to call someone’s cell phone and you get the same old message, “Hi I am sorry I am unable to take your call…”, and you wait eagerly for the beep so you can leave the message and get on with your life?  It is like going to fast food and hearing the monotonous “Would you like fries with that?”  Daily routine decisions may imply that voicemail is overused and underutilized to its fullest capabilities.  Voicemail that is overlooked or not communicated properly can cause liability issues with imputed knowledge and vicarious liability.  Real estate pros know that differentiation that dazzles and precise protocol for communication streamline exceptional customer service. YouMail is the answer.

YouMail benefits REALTORS® in five ways:

  1. Contemporaneous Notes.  Each voicemail from YouMail is stamped with a time, date, and the phone number of the caller.  Easily browse through the message you want to listen to or delete them right from the internet. This would come in handy on multiple offer contracts situations since “time is of the essence” on the acceptance of offers which may be admissible in court.  Ask your broker or attorney about this one. 
  2. Voicemail Sharing.  Each voicemail is emailed to you with the conversation converted to a wmv. or mp3 file which can be played back anytime or anywhere.  You can then forward the email to someone who needs to hear the voicemail in order to preserve the communication.  If a contractor gives you an estimate for the work to be completed precise details must be communicated to the home owner and saved for future reference. No more mixed messages.
  3. Store important messages.  Some voicemail must be saved over an extended period of time.  Traditional voicemail will keep it there but you have to listen to the messages in order that they were received.  In YouMail, move important voicemails from the inbox to the flagged items folder so you can be sure to follow up with it in the future.
  4. Unique Greetings.  Important clients and prospects deserve customized letters and emails. Why not customize your voicemail to them when they call? Type in their telephone number under the personalized greetings and then record a voicemail just for them.  For example:  ring, ring, ring, goes to voicemail,  “Hi Jerry, thank you so much for calling, I hope that Gretchen, Jess, and Theresa are doing well, I am sorry I cannot answer your call but I am either on the phone or assisting other clients but your call is important to me.  I am committed to selling your house for top dollar and want you to know that.  Give my best to your family. Bye.”  Although unique greetings will not limit your liability with your clients they will add a special touch to your voicemail service.
  5. Ditch Mail.  Not all calls are welcomed.  Telemarketers can eat up unwanted cell phone minutes and the time it takes to listen to their voicemail. You can keep someone from calling you leaving you messages you don’t want. Plug in the number to YouMail and give them one of the ditch Mail greetings: 1. Don’t call back… 2. Dial tone  3.  Call not completed please check number or call operator.  Ahh… what a relief!

Setting up YouMail is a simple and quick task to complete. Visit and type in your cell phone number and enter password.  Find the cell phone that you are using and follow the steps provided based on which phone your are using.  Be sure to consult with your wireless service provider as additional fees for call forwarding and text messaging may apply. 

(Doug Devitre e-PRO, ABR, CRS, GRI, MRE, PMN, SRS is a national speaker on internet marketing and technology.  For more information please visit or email to

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