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2007-10-19 13:29:00

4 Steps to Motivate Your Team to Stay Positive in a Buyers' Market

In a word, this article is about needs. For humans to be productive and happy, their needs have to be met.

Agents, too, have needs – especially in a buyers’ market. And when those needs aren’t met you can bet your last buck their motivation will evaporate into thin air like a breath on a cold winter day. 

Take notes here: To be motivated, agents on your team need these items:

  1. Leadership 
  2.  A say in their jobs
  3.  A goal
  4.  Acknowledgement

With this in mind follow these steps to recharge your team’s motivation:

Step 1. Evaluate your leadership. This means serious face time in the mirror. When a broker calls me about motivation problems, my first move is always to look at the broker. I determine if he or she is truly motivated. Is there a coach or an accountability partner? And more often than not, the broker is missing one or more leadership skills such as planning or vision, but a common problem is delegation. Incidentally, I have a great short article on my web site called “Five Steps to Leading a Team Effectively.” Take a look and become a stronger leader.

Step 2. Let your team create their jobs. One of the most demoralizing things a boss can do is dictate everything that goes on. Humans are creative and innovative and when those gifts are suppressed, their fire begins to flicker and it eventually dies out completely. Let your team make key decisions about how their jobs are done day-to-day.

Step 3. Create achievable yet challenging goals. And again, give your team a say in what the goals will be. Their buy-in gives them more incentive to work toward reaching the goals. We all need something to reach for in our lives – true in our personal lives, true in our professional lives. I’ve learned that a goal is often the glue that helps keep the team together. When the goals aren’t clear, I usually see a group of individuals masquerading as a team. They need a single goal to work together. Keep the goal front and center and give your team the tools to reach the goal and nine times out of 10, they’ll hit the mark.

Step 4. Acknowledge successes. It may sound like the easiest step. But believe me, sadly I see far too many brokers look right past successes as if they never existed. Talk about a bubble bursting. They just move right on to the next item of business. People like to celebrate. That’s why I always recommend brokers create an incentive program. Celebrate and make a great time of it. Go to a theme restaurant like Dave and Busters or go play a round of miniature golf or go bowling. Have contests for a trip or a paid day off, be creative. It doesn’t have to always be about money. Invest time in your team. Notice the word invest. It denotes something in return. Put time in and you get productivity back. It’s that simple. Hold a 30 to 60 minute meeting every week and talk about successes. 

Finally, always keep a finger on the motivation pulse. And never assume that because sales are good that morale is good. The money might look good but it can hide problems. Challenges are often still present even if the money is rolling in. 

And here’s wishing you the best and that all indeed goes well. Best of luck! 

(Bob Corcoran is a nationally recognized speaker who is founder and president of Corcoran Consulting Inc., 800-957-8353, an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into the broker’s or agent’s existing practice. We look forward to hearing from you.  Sign up TODAY for your first coaching call, it’s FREE.

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