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2007-03-09 02:47:00

Web Women Giving Circle Goes to Peru


Members of the Web Women Giving Circle are celebrating International Women’s Day with news that they won the “More Magazine” Giving Circle Challenge for raise money for CARE humanitarian relief. A group of real estate professionals, coaches, and artists led by WWGC Founder Joeann Fossland raised some $24,000 in 2004 for CARE with a series of fundraising efforts that included blogs, premium packages, and community outreach with numerous e-mail blasts.
“I want to officially congratulate you and the Web Women Giving Circle on your hard work for CARE! The trip to Peru and the experience will be even richer with such a dedicated and dynamic group ... In total we raised nearly $50,000 to help bring women and girls in the developing world out of poverty. And the 2007 Challenge will be even better! Our programming staff applies the funds wherever the need is the greatest, however your amazing fundraising has helped to fund programs like those in Victories Over Poverty.” – Amanda Bolster, CARE USA, Atlanta, GA
Master Coach Joeann Fossland received the news with her signature ebullience:
Joeann Fossland, Web Women Giving Circle Founder”It is a dream come true to know that our Giving Circle that will accompany the More Editorial Staff to view the CARE projects in Peru. What is extraordinary to me is the generosity of the real estate industry and friends and others who have helped us raise close to $24,000 in mostly $20 or less contributions!  
"We are appreciative as well of the 20+ people who gave $150 or more! 
"The sponsors who donated items for the premium packages were generous and wonderfully supportive and this wouldn't have happened without them.
"And, I am eternally grateful to all the Web Women Giving Circle members who reached down deep and gave their own money, time and talents to make this happen! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
"The best part of course is the difference your contributions will make to the women and children who will benefit by your generosity. That others will have the ability to learn in school, to have a small business and to not go to bed hungry is the real win here. Our Giving Circle is already putting money into the account to do more in 2007 and we are looking for others who would like to join us by being part of the Web Women Giving Circle."
San Francisco artist Paulette Long is painting for
CARE. Click to visit her gallery and make a purchase!WWGC members include Molly Gordon,  Bernice Ross, Ph.D., Amber Riviere, Jean Mabry, Laura Kovacs, Elayne Beyer, Beth Cross, Paulette Long, Coco Fossland, Dawn Yellott, Elizabeth Mabry, Mona Lee DeVlaminck, Frances Flynn Thorsen.
With additional thanks to Kelle Sparta and Melody Bohl.
The 2007 Web Women Giving Circle campaign gets a boost later this month at the Really Awesome Women In Real Estate Conference in Albuquerque. Bernice Ross, Ph.D., a founding member of the WWGC and organizer of the New Mexico event, has announced that she will donate 10% of the conference proceeds to CARE, and the conference will sponsor a Silent Auction to benefit CARE.
Persons interested in joining the Web Women Giving Circle are invited to contact Joeann Fossland. 

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