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2007-02-04 19:54:00

justiNYC is the RealTown Blog Pick

Justin Farrow
New York City

 Justin Farrow is a brilliant photographer.

We are rounding out our bloggy visit to the Big Apple this weekend with a stop at justiNYC, a blog that features the brilliant fauxtography and advertographs of Justin Farrow, also known as the LoftNinja (also the title of another of his blogs).

I did a review of this site last year in my original blog. My thoughts and feelings remain the same. I LOVE this blog!!

TheLoftNija (a NYC real estate agent)  has been my favorite urban photographer for over a year. His visual repertoire ranges from sexy, wide-angle loft interiors to gritty blighted structures that come alive as art forms. He translates the proportion and geometrics of cable and steel to stunning beauty in Calder-esque fashion. His maps are multi-colored eye candy drifting in the twilight background.

I confess that I have always disliked dark background web sites with reverse type, but The LoftNija makes me love it here! He pulls it off brilliantly, with a grey sans serif type and earth tone links and headlines that offer easy reading even for middle age eyes.

justiNYC weaves photography, video, poetry, and narrative into a winning web surf. Techie wannabes like me love all his tools and links that help us grow. My favorite link is  his arts page , marrying his photography with op art graphics. Makes me want to take out my camera and shoot! I think I'll just do that today. Thanks for the inspiration, Justin!!

More treats from The LoftNinja: Real Estate Blog Pad: Tips and Tools for the Real Estate Agent 2.0 and a neat gallery of panoramas called Space.


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